Punjabi Suit Design

Punjabi Suit Design

The Punjabi designed dresses are very much popular in the some special parts of Punjab both in India as well as in Pakistan .The Punjabi designed dresses is basically assumed to be used by the Punjabi men and women only .But this is not the case .Now in today’s fashion industry, the designers of our Pakistan country are making such outfits that fits all the persons of any culture of the country .The designers of our Punjabi ladies dresses are :

  • Ø Maria B
  • Ø Gull Ahmad
  • Ø Asim Jofa
  • Ø Hassan Sheheryar Yasin and many many more .

All these designers make Punjabi outfits both for men and women .

  • Punjabi dress for females:

The ladies wear such type of salwar kameez which consists of a chunni which is basically a head scarf, jhagga which is also called kameez and the salwar .These dresses are used by both Indian and Pakistani women .

  • Ø Chunni:

Chunni is a long head scarf which is of different length and styles .Basically Punjabi women adapt the culture and trend of wearing chunni on head every time .

  • Ø Jhagga:

The jhagga which is also called the kameez usually consists of such fabric having two pieces in length which are stitched together with side fleets .

  • Ø Salwar:

It is common just like any other salwar but it is stitched in a different way .It is stitched that it is lose from the top having fleets through out the salwar while it became tightened from the toe with some hard item which is also known as ‘Punchey’ .

  • Punjabi dresses for males:

Male persons also wear such Punjabi suit design that are according to their culture and trend .Usually male Punjabi outfits consists of :

  • Ø A chaddar which is lengthy enough to be used in replacement of salwar. Usually aged person used to wear chaddar while youngsters used to wear simply stitched salwar .
  • Ø Kameez which is simply stitched but lose in fitting .
  • Ø Turban is also used by aged persons and youngsters use turbans on special occasions .
  • Ø Khussa is the accessory which is used by both male and female Punjabians .

Rhinestone Zippers

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Finally, Zippershipper also has rhinestone zippers. This lets you add pizzazz to any item. You can use them to either make them an integral part of a new piece, or you can use them to replace zippers on favorite pieces of clothing.


How to choose the right party wear kurti?

If you are bored of looking too casual in parties, it’s high time you incorporated newness into your wardrobe. Yes, slipping into a pair of jeans and a formal shirt is easy but you shouldn’t wear such a dress to a party even when you are heavily tempted to do so. Most women who give priority to comfort prefer to stay away from elaborate dresses like sarees and salwar kameez, simply because wearing them is difficult. As a result, they show up at parties in some of the most unattractive, casual looking dresses. It’s ok to not care if other women look better than you but you should not feel ok if it’s the other way round i.e. you looking inferior to other women present in the party. With a casual dress such as a western top teamed with a pair of jeans, you are invariably going to look out-of-place in parties. Don’t let that happen. If comfort is your priority, let it be but dress appropriately. Try party wear kurtis. They are not only stylish but also extremely comfortable. What will excite you most about such kurtis is that they don’t need you to have expertise in wearing them. You can slip into one just as you slip into a t-shirt. There is absolutely no fuss.

kurtiParty wear kurtis are available in a wide variety of colours, fabrics and designs. So, you can choose one according to your personality, complexion or body type.

While it’s important to consider fashion, your own taste should never be undermined. Even if it’s a bright red that you like, don’t stop yourself from picking it just because bright red is not in trend. True, we wear clothes to look beautiful or attract compliments but we also wear them so as to please our own selves. So, it’s absolutely alright to wear something that your sister or husband or mother wants you to wear or maybe because that’s what is in fashion. But make sure you don’t let that happen on a regular basis.

Hit the market and pick what you like. Don’t completely ignore current fashion trends and don’t neglect your likes and dislikes either. Strike a balance and you will pick an out-and-out beautiful party wear kurti. Sometimes, shopkeepers become your fashion guide. You might feel like ignoring whatever they say about how you look in a particular dress but they often give honest comments. So, take what they say about your appearance in a particular dress seriously,

Shopping for party wear kurtis is often tricky, especially when you don’t want to go all loud and gaudy. Striking a balance between gaudiness and simplicity is often difficult. And that is why it’s always better to take someone with you shopping who can offer an opinion in such a matter. Ask them how you look in a particular colour or pattern or design and see if they offer a positive feedback. If not, it would be wise not to invest in it.The bottom line is that you must choose your party wear kurti with utmost care.

20 Different Goatee Beard Styles Picture For Men In 2016

Beard styles are something that has a huge variety among men. As the trend of having a beard is increasing quickly, we have brought to you another post regarding different beard style. There are so many ways to keep a beard. You can have beard without a mustache or a goatee beard. You can also have short beard without mustache or a chin strap beard styles.

Goatee styles

So we are starting with the goatee styles. As you already know, it is the easiest and quick men beard style to adapt. It does not require too much of maintenance. If you are new for this style, you must be having a question in your mind that how do I grow a goatee. Well, the answer is that you need to grow to facial hair below your lip. Once a certain amount of hair is grown, you have to choose one of the perfect shaving styles for facial hair for you. There are so many styles of goatees. First one is the small goatee with little beard. This is a very suitable kind of look. It is apt for office as well as parties. This is also quick to do but you have keep maintained that beard. The next one among goatee styles is the goatee with thick beard. This is quite opposite to the one mentioned above. This is also suitable for most of the occasions. In this, you need to grow your facial hair a bit longer. It is suitable for all face shapes. Another goatee beard style is the opposite triangular one. This came into trend when Hollywood celebs adapted it. It is one of the highly classy and stylish goatees. It is totally up to you that you want to keep a beard with it or not. But if you completely want to follow celebs look, then you should keep fine facial hairs.

Suitable face shapes for goatee styles

Almost every face shaped, whether it is long, round, v-shaped or square, it is suitable for all. The reason is that it does not cover a large area of your face. In this style, you don’t need long or thick facial hair. A little facial hair will be sufficient for such beard styles.

Maintenance of goatee beard

For goatees, you don’t need more facial hair and that’s why more maintenance is not needed. If you a beginner, then also you can try this style on your own. It is not compulsory that for the first time you need to visit a salon. Such beard styles can easily be maintained without any professional assistance.

Mustache styles

Sometimes a beard looks incomplete without mustache. To complete your manly look, there are so many options among mustache styles which you can choose. We are starting with the basic one. The basic one is that you just grow your facial hair and let it grow. After that, you have to decide whether you want a thick or thin facial hair styles. It is understood that for the thick one, you have to wait longer. The mustache can be full length, in the mid of upper lip, it can be straight or it can be curly from the edges. The choice depends on you. It also depends on the fact that what kind of mustache styles actually suits you. For beginners it is better that they start with the basic style. Because going from no-mustache to a full-mustache might be difficult for you.

Maintenance of mustache styles

Yes, it requires maintenance. But the main fact is that you need to be very careful during trimming. Carelessness can lead to injuries. Mostly the upper lip has to face minor cuts due to mishaps in trimming in such men beard style. If you are beginner, you can go to a salon.

Facial hair styles

It refers to what kind of beard you are willing to carry. You can have naturally thick or thin facial hair. For the bushy look, you need thick facial hair. And for the cleanly trimmed look, thin facial hair is needed. As you go further, there are so many options for different beard style. One of the most stylish look in beard is the beard connected to upper jaw. This look is suitable for informal occasions, and sometimes for formal also, but not always. Another style is the finely trimmed full beard. In this, facial hairs are covering half of your cheek and mustache area. In such facial hair styles, maintenance is more. It is a rough look but manly yet.


For thick men beard style, initial maintenance is less. Because in the beginning stage you just need to let your hair grow. After that you need to keep maintenance other the look can appear as untidy and unhygienic. The fact is that maintenance changes according to different beard style. For thin facial hair look, maintenance starts at an earlier stage because here you need to manage your facial hair from the very beginning.

So this was all about the goatees, mustache and facial hair styles. And as we always say, choose the one that compliments you.

1.Christian Bale Thin chin facial hair with goatee styles
goatee styles

2.Dwayne Johnson Full chin with fine mustache beard styles
goatee styles

3.George Clooney Jaw facial hair styles with mustache for men
goatee styles

4.Fine jaw line trimmed beard with mustache styles
goatee styles

5.Long mustache with thick different Goatee style
goatee styles

6.Messy and thick latest men beard style
goatee styles

7.Hugh Jackman Jaw and under jaw beard styles with joint mustache
goatee styles

8.Leonardo DiCaprio Small goatees with very less facial hair beard look
goatee styles

9.Pierce Brosnan Bushy beard and full mustache facial hair styles
goatee styles

10.Robert Downey Opposite triangle goatee beard with fine facial hair
goatee styles

11.Robert Downey Jaw line beard with fine mustache styles
goatee styles

12.Robert Pattinson Only chin facial hair as different Goatee beard style
goatee styles

13.Brad Pitt Small goatees with thin facial hair style for men
goatee styles

14.Brad Pitt Thick and long beard with goatee styles
goatee styles

15.Hugh Jackman Full bushy beard and mustache beard styles
goatee styles

16.Hugh Jackman Thick goatees for thicker facial hair with mustache
goatee styles

17.jason statham Cleanly trimmed half cheek facial hair styles
goatee styles

18.johnny depp Unique goatee styles with tied beard in two sections
goatee styles

19.Bushy beard styles for thick and more facial hair
goatee styles

20.paul walker Messy goatees with trimmed facial hair all over

goatee styles

Is Mixing Men’s and Women’s Fashion Shows a Good Idea?

The fashion industry is in crisis at the moment. Designers far and wide are talking of a broken system, while many labels – including Burberry, Gucci, Vetements and Public School – have recently announced that they’ll be merging their men’s and women’s collections together, in spite of the traditional calendar that keeps them separate.

On the outset, it makes perfect sense – fashion shows are expensive, and the lines between men’s and women’s clothing are getting blurrier by the day. However, any shift to the fashion schedule is bound to have huge ramifications on the people working in the industry – mainly for the buyers who keep stores stocked with clothes and the editors who keep publications filled with eye candy and reading material.

I hit up a few friends and associates to find out what their thoughts are on this latest development to the fashion industry’s current growing pains. Jian DeLeon is Highsnobiety‘s editor-at-large and trend forecasting agency WGSN’s resident #menswear expert, Eliza Brooke is a Senior Reporter for women’s publication Racked, and Jill Wenger is the founder and CEO of unisex concept boutique Totokaelo.

How do you feel about the merging of men’s and women’s shows? Is it a good thing?

Glen Luchford’s Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Jill Wenger, Founder & CEO, Totokaelo: It seems to be becoming necessary in order to keep up with various collections and deliveries. As a buyer, the efficiency of combined markets is nice. I imagine there will be more overlap in concept and fabrics between mens and women’s collections, so that the runway presentation is cohesive. It aligns with the gender bending that’s happening in retail stores, too.

Eliza Brooke, Senior Reporter, RackedI think for a brand like Gucci, merging men’s and women’s shows makes a ton of sense aesthetically. Alessandro Michele has both men and women wearing things like pussy bows, transparent lace shirts, and colorful floral suits, so a joint show is only going to emphasize his take on androgynous dressing. (And, as a side note, I think it’s dope that Michele’s version of androgyny skews toward more traditionally “feminine” styles, since in so many cases androgynous dressing means women dressing more “masculine.” I think overturning the assumption that male is always the default is great.) For other brands, a merged show might not be quite as visually (or philosophically) impactful, but could be useful in saving money, since runway shows can be incredibly expensive — which is a particular challenge for younger brands.

Jian DeLeon, Editor-at-Large, Highsnobiety & WGSN:  It was bound to happen eventually. Fashion, at its best, is reflective of a society’s values, and pushes culture toward an aspirational place. It’s why a lot of the designers deemed influential or “good” have created provocative work that evokes emotions on either end of the spectrum. It’s why I love when people who aren’t into fashion are like “What the hell am I looking at?” – because that means it’s working. The last thing that envelope-pushing designers should want to be is safe.

And when you look at the progress society has made in the past few years in regards to overall awareness of trans and LGBQT culture, it’s really kind of amazing. The Internet has helped that. Celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner, Lady Gaga, and Laverne Cox have really put it in a new spotlight. I mean, ten years ago, most guys thought fashion was a “gay” thing. And now that’s a very dated point-of-view. I think by now most men realize what you wear or being into designers has no correlation to who you love. It’s more like we pick our favorite designers like we pick our favorite sports clubs. It’s a non-factor.

And the more guys get into clothes, the more we’re willing to experiment with different cuts and silhouettes. Especially for the hobbyists and enthusiasts who always want to find the newest thing. Brands have become like bands in that sense, and we all know what musicians like David Bowie did in terms of blurring lines and smashing social norms.

What potential downsides can you see, if any?

Mario Testino’s Burberry Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Jill Wenger, Totokaelo: The real design talents will figure out how to make it work.

Eliza Brooke, RackedI’m curious whether merging men’s and women’s shows would mess with the buying cycle. If Gucci shows men’s and women’s during the womenswear shows in September and February, how does that affect menswear buyers?

Jian DeLeon, Highsnobiety & WGSN: Menswear has always been womenswear’s second banana. I mean, it’s the D-Leagues and the women’s shows are the majors. The menswear industry will never go away, but I can imagine it might be hard to implement on a larger scale, at companies where you have specialized buying and design teams that cater to a specific demographic. But at the end of the day, that’s all logistics. What’s happening to fashion is what’s happened to media and music. You have to learn to adapt or you risk falling by the wayside. It probably happened to this industry late because the truth is, a lot of our manufacturing processes and the means by which we buy, ship, and access our clothes hasn’t changed much in the last few centuries. There have been no technological revolutions in how we make product, only in how we can buy it at the digital level.

Are you noticing men becoming more interested in womenswear? How about the opposite?

Glen Luchford’s Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Jill Wenger, Totokaelo:  Clothes are clothes are clothes are clothes. I’m not seeing clients acknowledge gender either way. If they like it, they like it.

Eliza Brooke, RackedI’m not sure that men are becoming more interested in womenswear, but I’d definitely say that women are becoming more interested in menswear — or at least more aware of it. Reporters for more general interest publications can see that the menswear market is growing, so they’re going to write toward that. As a womenswear writer based out of New York, the publications I work at are not necessarily going to fly me out to Europe for the men’s shows, but they will cover NYFW:M in some capacity.

Jian DeLeon, Highsnobiety & WGSN: If you’re a fan of men’s fashion, you probably have some understanding of womenswear. The directional men’s stuff often follows what influential womenswear designers are doing. A lot of guys know who Phoebe Philo is, but probably won’t wear Céline – aside from maybe a pair of sneakers. On the flip side, women have loved men’s clothes from the start. Look at Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, or any woman that’s grown up with sneakers or streetwear culture. These are both predominantly male cultures, but women have always been an intrinsic part of them.

Sweden is one of the world’s most egalitarian countries. And there, designers like Our Legacy and Acne Studios specialize in these androgynous, minimalist silhouettes. But overall, there’s less stigma for a woman to wear a man’s clothes than for a man to wear a woman’s. And when you think about that, it’s kind of silly for there to be a stigma for a guy to wear an androgynous-looking overcoat just because it was made for women.

What do you think of the future of fashion weeks in general?


Jill Wenger, Totokaelo: Fashion weeks mean different things to different people. As a buyer, I end up missing half the shows because I’m in appointments and trying to squeeze in visits to 150+ vendors over the span of 20 days. Having to submit large orders that will impact six months of selling within 24 hours of a three-hour appointment isn’t ideal. In my dream scenario, we would view all the shows one month and submit all our orders the next month!

Eliza Brooke, RackedWith all these change-ups to the fashion calendar, it’s clear that designers are unhappy with the way things are currently working. Future fashion weeks are for sure going to look different, but what exactly it’s going to look like is hard to say. I think brands are just trying out a lot of different formats right now, and some are going to work and some won’t. Everyone’s on one big learning curve together.

Jian DeLeon, Highsnobiety & WGSN: That’s a tough one. Maybe the calendars will merge? That would be a logistical nightmare, though. The point of having separate men’s and women’s shows originally reflected the different retail calendar both markets have. Not to mention, should the weeks merge, travel and hospitality would be a nightmare. As I said before, a lot of larger retailers have specialized teams focusing on a specific market, and I can imagine how insane it would be for a company to have to send say, 20 buyers abroad in one go. I’m interested to see what will happen though.

For more thoughts on the broken fashion system, check out magazine’s in-depth interview with Vetements’ Demna Gvasalia and Gucci’s Alessandro Michele.

Gucci Calls for End to Separation of the Sexes on the Runway

The move toward mixed gender fashion shows is getting a big-name boost — from Gucci. On Tuesday at The New York Times International Luxury conference in Versailles, France, Marco Bizzarri, chief executive of the brand, called for an end to separation of the sexes, or at least to their collections. From 2017, he said, the anchor brand of the Kering group will no longer hold different shows for men’s and women’s wear, but will rather combine the two into a single show, to be held each season.

“Moving to one show each season will significantly help to simplify many aspects of our business,” Mr. Bizzarri said. “Maintaining two separate, disconnected calendars has been a result of tradition rather than practicality.” Men’s wear shows and sales to wholesalers are now held in January and July, and the women’s in September/October and February/March.

The move follows similar announcements from Burberry (which will combine its men’s and women’s shows starting in September), Tom Ford (ditto) and the French brand Vetements (which will have a joint show in January 2017), all geared to close what brands say is a growing, and costly, gap between modern consumer expectations and the traditional fashion system. However, unlike those brands, which have said that they will also immediately sell the clothes they show — or, in Vetements’s case, close to immediately — Gucci does not plan to change its production calendar: It will show clothes that will be available six months later.

Call it show-everything-now/sell-later. It’s more radical than it sounds, because of Gucci’s size (it reported revenue of 3.9 billion euros, or $4.4 billion, in 2015, and has 525 wholly owned stores around the world) and its current position as a trend leader.

“It is really being looked to as a trailblazer in the industry,” said Julie Gilhart, a consultant and the former fashion director of Barneys New York. “That makes this move potentially the most disruptive change yet.”

On its face, unifying men’s and women’s wear makes sense, and not just because most consumers think of men’s and women’s wear as one category (“clothes”). Combining the collections creates obvious efficiencies, most clearly in the cost of a show, which can reach €1 million.

In addition, at a time when men’s and women’s wear are getting ever closer together — with Louis Vuitton putting Jaden Smith in its women’s wear ad campaign in women’s wear, unisex clothing on the rise, and the creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, often including men in his women’s show and vice versa — combining the two underscores the message of a single brand aesthetic across genders.

“It will give me the chance to move towards a different kind of approach to my storytelling,” Mr. Michele said in a statement.

However, there is an institutional and municipal argument against combining the men’s and women’s weeks. Every fashion week city profits, literally and significantly, from playing host to the collections. Each season brings floods of buyers, critics and support staff into each city, providing a financial boon for related industries. According to a 2012 analysis by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, women’s wear weeks there alone have a “total economic impact per year of $887 million.”

No wonder why, in July 2015, New York Fashion Week: Men’s was introduced, following London Collections Men, which made its debut in 2012. (Previously, men’s wear had its own official weeks only in Milan and Paris, along with the Pitti Uomo trade show in Florence.) The first New York men’s week brought 3,000 people to the city.

It is not yet confirmed exactly when the joint Gucci show would take place, but given that men’s wear now accounts for 35 percent of Gucci sales while women’s represents 65 percent, odds are the combined show would take place during the women’s season.

If so, the absence of a brand like Gucci from Milan men’s week could leave a gaping hole in the schedule for many buyers, and, along with the Internet’s ease of access to shows, may create a convincing argument for some buyers and critics not to attend — or at least it may reduce the number who do.

Mr. Bizzarri said Gucci was working closely with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, the governing body of Milan Fashion Week, but nothing had been decided yet.

According to Carlo Capasa, president of the Camera della Moda, “Given that the calendar situation is always evolving, it is hard to predict if there will be any negative effects.’’ The important thing, he said, is that the Italians “show powerful vitality as a whole” — perhaps (it is possible to imagine) by being the first to shift to a new system.

One striking thing about Gucci’s announcement is how many unresolved questions there are about the logistics.

Would the house, for example, invite men’s and women’s critics to the same show in September? Queried directly, Mr. Bizzarri said he did not know yet.

What would it mean for multibrand boutiques and department stores sending men’s wear buyers to shows in July? Would they send them again in September? “I don’t know,” Mr. Bizzarri said with a laugh, though given that 82 percent of Gucci’s 2015 sales were in their own stores — and that ready-to-wear accounts for only 11 percent of its sales — perhaps it does not matter.

Still, despite all the uncertainty, he said the decision was easy to make. “It just seemed obvious,” he said. “It’s clear something needs to change. Why not start with this?”

It remains to be seen whether other Kering brands like Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, all of which show on both the men’s and women’s wear schedules, will follow suit. Right now, the group is treating Gucci as a test case, which may only add to the general confusion.

“It would be one thing if it all changed at once,” Ms. Gilhart said. “But everyone’s going off in different directions. It’s like the wild, wild West.”

Met Gala 2016: is 3D printing the future of fashion?

Every year all the biggest celebrities from the fashion, music, and film worlds come together dressed to the nines for the Met Gala, a high-profile fundraising event that raises money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. The event is no ordinary fundraiser, however, as it draws attention from media outlets and people everywhere who are eager to see how celebs and fashion designers have interpreted the annual Met Gala theme. Last year’s theme “China: Through the Looking Glass”, was inspired by the Met’s exhibition by the same name and celebrities came adorned in the finest Chinese fabrics, and Chinese inspired designs. This year, in line with the Met’s recently launched exhibition Manus x Machina, the theme revolved around Fashion in the Age of Technology, and what became apparent during the evening, both through what celebs were adorned in and through the exhibit itself, was that technologies such as 3D printing are really the future of fashion.

On the red carpet—which was painted with a double-helix motif—as celebrity after celebrity posed in their stunning gowns and suits, it was interesting to see what interpretations of fashion and technology were brought forth. While many people chose to dress in metallic, or robotic styles, some celebrities went above and beyond in their embodiments of fashion in an age of technology by highlighting the recent advances in smart wearables. Model Karolina Kurkova, for instance, wore a stunning gown embedded with LED lights which flashed on when people tweeted #MetGala or #CognitiveDress. Claire Danes wore an equally dreamy number, a Cinderella inspired organza gown designed by Zac Posen that had ultrathin fiber-optics woven into it, which lit up in an eerie and stunning way.

Forward thinking fashion icon Emma Watson also impressed in a subtle black and white outfit which was made entirely from recycled plastics, showing the potential of sustainable fashion.  Lady Gaga, of course, wowed everyone with a Versace ensemble that included a micro-chip esque jacket which was made with laser cutting technology. Girls actress Allison Williams was one of our personal favorites, as she came down the runway in an ethereal one-shouldered gown designed by Peter Pilotto, which was embellished with a number of 3D printed flowers.

Other guests opted for more traditional gowns and suits, which nonetheless played into the theme of Manus x Machina, as they demonstrated the continued relevance of couture and handmade clothing into the age of technology. As we will elaborate on later, the two are practically inextricable. On an anecdotal level, 3D printing made another fun appearance at the Met Gala, as young internet personality Cameron Dallas was gifted with a personalized cupcake which featured his face 3D printed on it. The cupcake was a gift from TopShop, who dressed the young celebrity.

Of course, the entire Met Gala soirée was based around the Costume Institute’s exhibition, Manus x Machina, which itself should be mentioned for its innovative approach to fashion. The exhibition, which was organized in association with Apple—whose own wearable tech is beginning to catch on—officially opened on May 5th, and is showcasing “how designers are reconciling the handmade and the machine-made in the creation of haute couture and avant-garde ready-to-wear.”

The topic, which is admittedly very broad, as even sewing machines could be considered technology, explores how technologies and machines have been utilized by fashion designers not necessarily as a way to streamline the designing process, but as a creative tool, as a sort of hand in itself. For those familiar with Dutch designer Iris van Herpen’s work, this philosophy may sounds familiar, as she is known for essentially understanding 3D printing technologies as an extension of her own creative hand.

Andrew Bolton, the curator in charge of the Costume Institute explains, “Traditionally, the distinction between the haute couture and prêt-à-porter was based on the handmade and the machine-made, but recently this distinction has become increasingly blurred as both disciplines have embraced the practices and techniques of the other. Manus x Machina challenges the conventions of the hand/machine dichotomy and proposes a new paradigm germane to our age of technology.”

The exhibition itself showcases more than 170 pieces dating from the early 1900s up until the present. With an equal focus on traditional handcrafting techniques like embroidery, featherwork, lacework, and leatherwork, and on more technological techniques like 3D printing the exhibition effectively explores the relationship between the two. Among the designers featured in the exhibit are icons such as Coco Chanel, Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Viktor & Rolf, Comme des Garçons, Karl Lagerfeld, Hussein Chalayan, and two of our favorites, 3D printed fashion pioneers threeASFOUR and Iris van Herpen.

What the exhibit demonstrates is how technologies like 3D printing are effectively reinvigorating and revolutionizing the fashion industry, offering new and novel ways of creating both new materials and previously unthinkable designs. Of course, one of the arguments against the technology is that it takes away some of the personal touches and handcrafted care that go into the making of haute couture clothing, but as we can see from our current fast-fashion system, in which poorly paid laborers are essentially slaving away to make our clothing, the idea of the hand being pure is somewhat complicated.

So, is 3D printing the future of fashion? Considering how the technology is continually opening the doors for designers to explore new materials, new structures, and new designs, it is possible to imagine that additive manufacturing could actually be as revolutionary as even the sewing machine once was for the fashion industry. Perhaps one day, the technology will even go beyond its current haute-couture fashions and 3D printed fashions will be worn by everyone.

Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology will be running at the Robert Lehman Wing of the Costume Institute until August 14th, 2016.

We all love our dresses, don’t we !





The next time when you are planning to head to the shopping mall, change your plan and save yourself some fuel money and go shopping online instead. Online shopping for womenholds a vast sea of exciting items out there! The awesome pair of jeans, the little black dress, afashionable pair of flat sandals and the rock star sunglasses – you name them and you get them. For us ladies chances are pretty high that we already have got these stuff in our closet. But we still find ourselves browsing the sites set up for online shopping for women. Let me share with you what was found in a survey conducted regarding this. There were about more than two hundred women shoppers surveyed from a general cross section of women, and it revealed that aboutseventy five percent of these women are avid online shoppers. For majority of them, online shopping for women garments and accessories has actually gained more preference to heading out for shopping in the stores. Thinking of it, there are several reasons why we prefer to buy online – firstly, it is easier to shop online. And for those of us who have fared in the mall car parking during the holidays, we know how true this is! Secondly, it is faster. Thirdly, online shopping is descriptive. For a significant percent of women, the most important element is the product detail (images, reviews and descriptions). The more specific details,the better for us. And, when questioned about returns policy, online shopping scores amazingly high since these online shopping portals come with the most consumer friendly returns policy that is totally hassle free and so easy!







The world is now a global village. With the surge of globalization, have come several upheavals and transformations. And we are witnesses to them all. Out of the many things that have undergone modifications, or evolutions, our sense of fashion is perhaps the most prominent aspect. With the influence of western culture, we are now way past the era when we were more used to stick to our traditional ways of dressing. The Indian fashion industry has definitely evolved over the years and reached significant highs. Now we have readily adopted the style of dressing that is so western in essence. We have embraced the fashion of wearing pants and skirts and dresses for girls. As the modern Indian women, we are so muchin love with western fashion, more with the dresses. We love to dress up no matter where we are heading to, since that makes us feel happy and light hearted. The latestdresses for girlsare actually one of the highly comfortable outfits that wehave ever experienced in our lives. Not only comfort, they rank high in terms of versatility too, being suitable to be worn to any place.You can wear dresses to our work place, wear dresses for a casual brunch with friends, we can even wear dresses to parties. Earlier getting a dress that we really like that is buying one, was a real uphill task, owing to the limited options in terms of availability, but now that is no longer a concern. All styles of dresses for girls are now readily available on the Internet waiting for you to pick them up!






The host of variousdesigns and styles of dresses for girlsthat are now available online are actually going to send you off in a tizzy! If you fancy one you get definitely find it! They are available to us in differentshapes and sizes and colours and patterns, suitable for all women irrespective of our sizeandshape. Dresses can be worn by one and all, by simply having a basic, honest and clear knowledge about your body type. Starting with the latest hottest trend of off shoulder dresses to shift dresses to peplum dresses to maxi dresses and tube dresses, any style of dress that has caught your fancy, is certain to be available on the Internet.

Have you ever wondered what makes these dresses such a hot favourite with us ladies? It is because a dress is worn in a totally different way than the jeans and trousers and also offers a very different silhouette or look that looks super feminine. A dress has got the capability to accentuate the form of our bodies and flatter our frame in a much better way.

At StalkBuyLove we have the most amazing and fresh collection of the multitude of dress designs just for you. You can check out our fabulous collection of all the different latest styles that are ruling the fashion charts nowadays and get one for yourself now.



Cool Birthday Gifts That Make a Birthday Special

One of the most special days in a person’s life would their birthday. They tend to enjoy it a lot when they celebrate it with people that they love and care about. Gifts are shared to make the event much more special. When choosing a gift for a person we need to ensure that these gifts can help make their day special and interesting. There is nothing better to do than getting gifts that are unique, simple yet interesting. You may look up for gifting ideas and thoughts which you can input to be able to get cool birthday gifts for our friends or family.

Easy Cute Nail Designs

Perfect fashion choice and look make us feel good, nail design also do the same thing and nail designing is a one of raw task of your make-up. Most of us love being cute; and for girls it is major expectation. Cute nail designs would be best option to make look cute and lovely.

Now, before you design your nails; go through this article and reflect some cuteness through these cute nail designs. I hope you will love the cuteness of these nail designs and will try out these nail designs for your own.

Cute Nail design:

Below are the some best trending cute nail designs for you, if you are searching for cute nail designs and cute nail art. These will definitely desire your taste, I’m sure.

Kitty Pink Cute Nail Design: Yes! This is cute enough to enhance your cuteness look. First of all apply pink color nail polish on your nail and let it dry. Now with good concentration paint and design kitty as added picture below. This cute nail design may take your good time but believe me you will be pleased after seeing the overall result. Your friend will be amazed seeing you cute nail design, no doubt.


Cute Red and White: Make yourself cute with this amazing cute red and white. It is a good mixture of colors with big white dots and bow. It won’t be that tough to get this cute red and white nail design. This cute nail design is eye pleasing and definitely will make up your cuteness. Although, it is not even time taking .


Iconic Cute Nail Design: Brace yourself with this iconic cute nail design. Whether your have long and short nail this cute nail design will definitely suite in every nail. This iconic cute nail design enhances your cuteness, and will make you special appeal among your friends. So, what are you thinking for? Try out this iconic cute nail design and be the cutest trend of friends.


Black and White Cute Nail Design: You may think this nail design won’t help you out as being cute. But look at the given picture below, isn’t it cute? Apart from that it is simple and easy to paint, which is not time wasting though. You will make wow your friends with this cute nail design for sure.


Black Bow Cute Nail Design: This is very cute nail design, and personally I like this design cuteness. Its black bow is really eye pleasing and iconic. It is really simple to paint and will take little moment only, to make up your nail. Try this out right now and surprise your mates and friends with this cute nail design.


Above all cute nail designs are easy to paint with good result. I hope this will enhance your cuteness and will make your best moment more special.

If you liked this article and have any question about cute nail designs, please feel free to comment below in the comment section. Thank for reading the article till the end. That’s all for now. Thank you.